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June 6th 1944
My Dear Ones,
Today I am on telephone duty and have plenty of time so I decided to write you once more, even if I have no letter to respond to. Well, let's not talk about the mail delivery, which is awful right now. We don't get any mail anymore, but for the rest everything is all right for now. What we've heard is that the English have landed tonight on the Normandy coast. In the next few days we will hear more about that. The ones up there will throw them back - in an instant, they will have nothing to smile about.
Is there something to tell from your end? Are the flowers looking beautiful in the flower garden? Uncle Hans wrote me yesterday. I congratulated him for his promotion to corporal. He wrote that he wanted another promotion. I think he wants to be promoted home - that's where we all want to be. They had many visits from the English. Well, he is up there, but everything else is okay where he is. Gertrud's Max must be starting to feel the effects of the war by now.
So this is enough for now. Greetings with all my heart.