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Selected letters

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Translation and jpg-file (87 k) 05/14/41 The first contact. A Arbeitsmaid (female member of the labour force) writes to an unknown Arbteitsmann (male member of the labour force). The beginning of a friendship.
Translation and jpg-file (142 k)  02/16/42  A father congratulates his son for his sucessful medical examination for military service and describes his impressions of the forced working camp in Ausschwitz. He is an employee at IG Farben in the camp.
Translation and gif-file (99 k) 09/09/41 Karl, a schoolboy, was born in 1922, and educated in the SS as a soldier. He was a member of the "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler." He served in France and was then sent to Russia where he was killed in action in 1943. He wrote letters home to his brothers and sisters, parents, and girlfriend.
Translation and gif-file (128 k) 09/16/41 Another letter by Karl.
translation and gif-file (143 k) 03/04/45 A letter to the writer's wife and little daughter. He reports about the desperate fights around Gdansk (Poland) and the encirclement his scattered comrades.
translation and gif-file (73 k) 06/06/44 This letter was sent by a German private who served with the Wehrmacht in the 406th Battalion, 16th Infantry Division, until he was killed in 1944 at the age of twenty. He wrote while stationed in La Rochelle on the day of the allied invasion. He reports about rumors.
translation and gif-file (243 k) 01/04/45 This is a letter written by a young woman to her husband, who is working as a medical orderly in Russia. She tells him about the heavy air attacks of the Allies at Berlin during New Year's, 1944/1945.
translation and jpg-file (75 k) 03/02/45 Paul W. was born in 1904 in Berlin. He was wounded in action and died March 30th 1945 . He left behind a wife and a - year-old daughter. His wife and daughter had to escape to Berlin in February 1945. A publishing manager, he was a Catholic well and educated. Paul was a victim of the so called "Auskämm-Aktion". Conscripted in 1943, Paul had to acquire his driver's license and was used as a driver. The letters are addressed to his wife. He hoped to escape Danzig by ship, but Hitler orderd his soldiers to fight "until the end". The ships evacuated many refugees from the eastern areas of Germany to Denmark end of 1944/1945. When he was wounded in action, Paul was allowed to leave Danzig but he died aboard ship and was buried in Copenhagen. The six dashes at the end of this letter stand for "Hitler".
translation and gif-file (110k) 03/14/45 Another letter by Paul. He describes the situation in Gdansk.
gif-file (50 k) 03/30/43 A soldier sends a birthday card to his little brother.
translation and jpg-file(156k) 01/21/43 Heinz was born 1914. The writer was a single and wrote to his sister Elly and her husband. He was working in an insurance company as an agent before the war, then he had to serve in a Pioneer Battalion. In February 1942 he was sent to Russia and suffered coldness, illness and hunger. He was longing for the end of war and murdering. Heinz is missed since February 2nd, 1945, he never returned back like a lot of others.
translation and gif-file (150 k) 07/10/43 An example for humor amoung German soldiers.
War letter on a record May 43 A member of a Propaganda-Unit of the SS was able to record some letters and sent them to his wife. A short excerpt (mp3, ca. 700k), is able to convey a good impression.